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Read about proactive oral care, cosmetic choices, and modern restorations from a dentist in McKinney, TX.

Oral Health and Tobacco Use

Our Team | 05/31/2019

Tobacco use (dipping, vaping, smoking, plus more) has a big affect on your dental health and the look of your teeth.


What Are The Symptoms And Risk Factors of Oral Cancer?

Our Team | 05/28/2019

Oral cancer screenings are done by dentists during every yearly exam to look for swelling and growths.


What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

Our Team | 05/23/2019

If you have the first stage of periodontal disease (gingivitis), SRP therapy may repair your oral health and gumline.


Bathroom Must-Have's

Our Team | 05/21/2019

Do you know the products everyone should have for ideal oral health? Discover what you need and products options.


Want A Better-Looking Smile? You Need Preventive Dentistry

Our Team | 05/16/2019

Avoiding dental issues is much easier than fixing them, so learn how preventive dentistry may save you money, pain, and time.


What's Making You A Magnet For Cavities?

Our Team | 05/14/2019

Discover how cavities develop, reasons you might be at greater risk for getting cavities, plus ways to avoid more cavities.


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

Our Team | 05/09/2019

To find your best smile, you may be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Read about cosmetic procedures and decide if it's right for you.


Your Oral Health and Aging

Our Team | 05/07/2019

When you are older, you need to improve your oral care since adults over 55 are a higher risk for some dental issues.


Are You Getting Dental Exams Every Year?

Our Team | 05/02/2019

For better smile, it is crucial to get a yearly dental examination so a dentist can find and treat issues.


Why Patients Should Build Thier Relationship With Their Dental Hygienist

Our Team | 04/30/2019

In a normal trip to the dentist, you spend time with a hygienist. Discover how they help your oral health.


Common Reasons You May Have Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Our Team | 04/25/2019

A normal concern, what causes halitosis (bad breath) and should you get professional help from a dentist?


What Is Considered A Dental Emergency And What Should You Do?

Our Team | 04/23/2019

Find out what is considered an oral health crisis and what to do if you or a family member needs urgent care from a dentist.


Afraid Of Getting A Root Canal? Why You Shouldn't Be

Our Team | 04/18/2019

A root canal seems bad, but with new technology and sedation options, it can easily fix a tooth infection.


What Should I Do If I Chip A Tooth?

Our Team | 04/16/2019

If you chip a tooth, know what to do, like how to deal with tooth pain and possible treatments.


What Does Tooth Sensitivity Mean?

Our Team | 04/11/2019

Read about the common reasons behind sensitive teeth (cavities, a cracked or chipped tooth) and ways to improve your sensitivity.


How Your Pregnancy Affects Your Oral Health

Our Team | 04/09/2019

Having a baby impacts every part of your body, including your mouth. Read about how to boost your dental health for a healthier baby.


Reasons To Get A Filling

Our Team | 04/04/2019

Learn about dental fillings, if you should get one, plus the kinds of fillings used by your dentist in McKinney, TX.


Haven't Been To The Dentist In A While? What Now?

Our Team | 04/02/2019

Read about what you can expect when you go to your dentist in McKinney, TX after you haven't been for a while.


Eight Dental Habits If You Want A Better Smile

Our Team | 03/28/2019

Discover the dental habits for home care and preventive care at your dentist to ensure your smile is beautiful and healthy.


The Importance Of Dental Exams And What You Should Expect

Our Team | 03/26/2019

Discover why an annual examination with x-rays is an important step to a healthier smile and what happens in your visit.


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